Do not ask an escort girl!


Sometimes we wonder how to meet an escort or your favorite program, well, here are some consejitos:

Let us consider what can be done with an escort to be super Canero with her boring or bad.

The world of esorts is very complex, all have private lives and many, if not most do as an extra, but without forgetting that they have a life.

Let’s imagine you choose to call a meeting!

Not asked many questions about his personal life, which bothers think and remember that it is your friend or lover, if not lady companion
While we are confident that it will be an economic exchange, treat it well and are always polite and helpful that Impress always score points!
For a complete French or Greek never talk badly subtract points in the game and can embarrass Miss
Do not attempt to crush the moment of appointment asking the phone, remember that you are your customer and partner of the
When you call to schedule an appointment with either express services would want if her partner … etc. Mismatches do not like
Remember cleanliness and hygiene, it is very important at the time of appointment, the ladies would go fragrant, clean as a real gentleman
If all this is to split the table your meeting will be a success!